A little extra luxury! 


A charter with a Captain and Hostess means that all if the responsibilities of navigating and sailing are covered.  The guests can sit back and relax while underway without having to assist with any of the operation. The hostess will be available while underway to serve drinks and snacks.


While you are off the boat, the Captain and Hostess will tidy cabins and heads, wash dishes and clean the galley. The hostess will dinghy guests in to any on shore destinations as well as act as a tour guide. They are sure to be the life of the party and show you all the best local spots to relax and let loose. 


The guests will be responsible for provisioning and cooking their own meals, as well as meals for the Captain and Hostess. The captain and Hostess are not responsible for cooking meals. This option is best for guests who want to sail the VI in a fun and casual atmosphere. 


The cost for a captain is $250/ day not including tip and meals that you will provide.  Customary gratuity for captained charters is 20% of the base charter rate, so be sure to budget for that.