Disclaimer & Liability

All customer participants must agree to indemnify and hold Charter Virgin Islands/TCVI LLC , its insurers, affiliates and captains harmless for any injury or death arising from uncontrollable circumstances of travel and the nature of the Journey. Charter Virgin Islands/TCVI LLC and its captains and crew are not held accountable for any injury caused by malfunction of a vessel that is not owned and maintained by Charter Virgin Islands/TCVI LLC . In the case of an injury, the passenger remains responsible for the negligent acts that may result in harming the passenger and fellow crew.


Behavior & Conduct

Charter Virgin Islands/TCVI LLC Captain has the right to suspend the activity and participation of a client on any Charter Virgin Islands/TCVI LLC trip if behavior is erratic, unsafe, belligerent, or defiant of captain’s commands and orders. Client will not be refunded and will be responsible for any and all extra financial costs if they are required to disembark before the end of the trip. Erratic and unsafe behaviors includes but is not limited to excessive drinking of alcohol, unsafe practices aboard, damaging the boat, willful defiance of the captain and their commands (in regards to safety), sexual harassment, physical and verbal violence, and so on. It is the right of the captain to judge erratic behavior as they deem fit for the situation.



Passengers who wish to not be photographed must inform Charter Virgin Islands/TCVI LLC in advance. Photographs may be used for Charter Virgin Islands/TCVI LLC purposes for website and other marketing operations. Charter Virgin Islands/TCVI LLC  is not responsible for internet circulation of images via social media or other outlets outside the photo content on the website.