Which type of crewed charter should I book?

Choosing the different crew types depends on your budget, boat size, and how much responsibility or service you want. Captain only would be the most affordable, but also means more work for you and your group.  All inclusive would be the least amount of work for you but is the most expensive.  The middle option, Captain and Host is a popular option for guests who want service on a budget. 


Do I qualify to operate my own boat or should I hire a captain?

 Are you ASA Certified? Click here for find out how to captain your own boat.   If you are not ASA Certified, you must hire a captain at minimum. The rate for a Captain starts at $250 per day plus meals.


What Is the best time to charter in the Virgin Islands?

The Virgin Islands has 3 different sailing seasons.  High, Mid, and Low Season.  High is from December-April. Mid is from May til August and November til December, and low season (or some people call it off season) is September and October.

High Season will be busy at all locations.  Lots of excitement, busy beaches,  big parties, and a lot of other boats.

Mid Season will be slower, All restaurants still open, beaches not very busy, few parties.

Low Season there will be a slight risk of hurricanes.  A lot of restaurants closed down, you are the only one at the beach, risk of rain each day, and no parties or events.  If you are looking to be alone in the anchorage or a deserted beach to yourself, this is the time to come.


What boat should I choose?

This depends on a few factors.  How many guests in your group?  What your budget is?  Do you want to hire Crew?  


Whats is included with the boat?

Every yacht comes with a fully equipped galley including microwave, outdoor BBQ grill and ice chest.  Each stateroom will have bed linens, bath towels (not beach towels), hand towels and wash cloths.  Snorkel gear is available to borrow at no extra charge.  


Where should I stay the night before my charter?

For Charters leaving from St. Thomas, USVI, you may stay on the boat the night before for $100 per person.  Please coordinate this with Charter Virgin islands ahead of time. For trips leaving from Tortola, please contact us for stay aboard pricing.


Booking your Charter Process


What is the typical booking process?

Step 1:  Choose Crew Type (Captain only, Captain and Host, Fully Crewed, bareboat) 

Step 2: Choose Boat

Step 3:  Choose Itinerary ( You can choose one of our itineraries, our choose your own)

Step 4:  Food Preferences (Only required on trips with a Chef)

Step 5:  Other add ons (Staying on boat night before, Necker Island Eco Tour, Anegada Powerboat Charter) 

Step 6: Sign Contract and Make first Deposit of 50%

Step 7: 60 days out from charter, make 2nd payment of 50%


Booking Process for a Specialty Trip:

Step 1:  Choose Specialty Trip

Step 2:  Choose Dates

Step 3:  How many cabins you want? (2 guests per cabin) (Discounts available for full boat charter)

Step 4:  Food Preferences/Dietary restrictions

Step 5: Sign Contract and Make first Deposit of 50%

Step 6: 60 days out from charter, make 2nd payment of 50% 


What is the payment schedule?

50% due at booking and 50% due 60 days before charter



After booking, Whats Next?


Cancellation Policy?

Click here to see the Cancellation Policy



Do I need a Passport to Enter BVI?

All persons, including US Citizens, require a passport when entering the British Virgin Islands.  Your passport must be valid for another 6 months upon entering the territory.  Visitors from some countries may also require a VISA for entry.  


Whats the currency in BVI?

US Dollars.  Most restaurants accept credit cards and Traveler Checks.  Please note that BVI Restaurants/businesses charge 3-5% fee for credit cards.


Is customs a difficult process?

(When traveling from St Thomas to BVI.)  

BVI and USVI Customs and Immigration are easy.  Your captain will handle all paper work.  In the BVI you don't even have to leave the boat.  On the US side you must walk through, to clear back in to the United States.


What are the customs fees and requirements?

Cruising Permit is $16 per day per guest

BVI National Park pass $30-55 total. (Varies on how many guests and how many days)

Vessel Harbor fee: $1 per foot

Vessel License fee: $35


Additional costs



We Highly recommend Charter Travel Insurance.  Click here.


Overnight Moorings and dock slips in marinas

Moorings range from $30-40 per night.  Dock Slips $1-2 per foot per night, plus water and electricity usage,



Your boat will have a full tank of gas when you begin your trip.  Upon your arrival back to base you will need to pay to have the tanks refilled. Diesel is charged based on the market. 


Fishing from the boats?  

No fishing is available.  We can arrange a private fishing charter on a powerboat if you want to go deep sea fishing.


Cell Service ad Wifi?

Cell service in the USVI is just like in the United States.  There are no international charges.  But, once you pick up a BVI cell tower, it can become quite expensive.  Call your service provider prior to your charter and purchase a Passport Program or something similar.  


Most boats are equipped with WiFi capabilities, but depending on your location, service can be somewhat spotty.  The additional cost for this is $30/$40 for 1 day up to $135/$150 for a week.  Many of the restaurants and marinas have free WiFi access, but with ALGLink you will have the convenience of having reliable WiFi right onboard your own yacht.  Please let us know if you would like to pre-purchase WiFi for your charter.